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While we suggest you do sign up for our mailing list for special announcements and reminders, it is not required to enjoy the season. Here’s how you can access our programs:

  • Each day at 11am and/or 5pm PDT the countdown clocks on the relevant program webpage will wind down and a link will be revealed for you to click and view the program.
  • After each premiere, the program will be available to you for viewing on demand any time—you won’t miss a thing, and you can even watch programs again and again! Just go to the program page on our website and hit play.
  • Join our list just once, and we will send you updates and information as needed. You may also just visit the website and all will be available to you.
  • Our live Q&As will be available through the website via a chat function, no Zooming necessary!
  • The only Zoom registration required will be for participation the Finale Community Sing and soon you will be able to register right on that page. If you don’t wish to be seen on-screen, just sit back and watch as any other program in the season.

The 20/20 Virtual Season website is your key to all our programming! Free and available with a click of the button on the schedule provided here. There are more helpful hints on our How to View page. If you have further questions, feel free to Contact Us, or simply reply to this email. We look forward to sharing the season with you!