the making of a digital premiere

One of the great distinctions and profound joys of Cabrillo Festival is unparalleled access to the creative process. Our orchestral rehearsals are free and open to the public and attended by hundreds of curious music lovers each day. With all our composers in residence during the season, orchestra members from across the country who are new music proponents in their own right, and a community hungry to watch the performances unfold, Cabrillo has earned its title as a “mecca for new music” (New York Times). And so, in that same spirit, and with the monumental and intriguing creation of a digital world premiere, we’ve created a series of excerpts from recorded sessions between music director and conductor Cristi Macelaru, composer Stacy Garrop, video producer Svet Stoyanov, and members of the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra, in the making of The Battle for the Ballot. In the days leading up to its world premiere, you’ll get a glimpse behind the curtain. 

SCHEDULE (all episodes premiere at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern):
Monday, August 3 – Open Rehearsal #1: Getting Started
Tuesday, August 4 – Open Rehearsal #2: Adding Svet Stoyanov -- Artistic Concept, Video Editor & Audio Mixing Engineer  
Wednesday, August 5 – Open Rehearsal #3: Putting the pieces together 
Thursday, August 6 – Open Rehearsal #4: Meeting with the orchestra + Open Rehearsal #5: Narrator Julie James is brought on board
Friday, August 7 – Open Rehearsal #6: Stacy and Svet edit the orchestral audio track + Open Rehearsal #7: Cristi and Svet finalize audio and discuss layering the video