Mission & Vision


As a powerful manifestation of the human experience, orchestral music moves participants to a greater understanding of the world and compassion for each other.


The mission of Cabrillo Festival is to transform the orchestral experience for artists and audiences by building a vibrant community dedicated to the creation and performance of profound, relevant, and innovative music.

Guiding Principles

These principles reflect the beliefs of the board and staff of the Cabrillo Festival. They serve as the criteria against which strategies are evaluated and prioritized.

  • We provide a safe haven and the means for artists to create the future of the orchestral art form.
  • We offer artists and audiences immersive access to the creative process.
  • We provide mentorship to the next generation of conductors, composers, and performers.
  • We empower artists to advance contemporary music around the world.


  • INSPIRATION We inspire all Cabrillo Festival participants to embrace the transcendent power of music, enriching artists’ creative practice and deepening the audience experience.
  • GENEROSITY We create a sharing and giving culture that allows participants the opportunity to help shape our community from within.
  • COURAGE We uphold artistic risk-taking as fundamental to our mission.
  • STEWARDSHIP We serve our communities as a leader in Santa Cruz County’s cultural landscape and as an influencer on the global stage.
  • COMMUNITY We support the development of lasting relationships between artists, composers and audience, built upon values of equity and inclusion.

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