While we suggest you sign up for our mailing list for announcements and reminders, and we hope you will become a sliding-scale Virtual Season Subscriber, neither is required to enjoy the season. Here’s how you can access our 2021 programs:

  • Each program page has a countdown clock that will wind down to premiere time, revealing a link for you to click and view the program.
  • After each premiere, the program will be available for viewing on-demand any time—you won’t miss a thing, and you can even watch programs over again and share links with friends! 
  • Join our list just once, and we will send you updates and information as needed. You may also just visit the website any time and all will be available to you.
  • Our live Q&As will be available through the website via a chat function, no Zoom links required!

Want the FULL 2021 EXPERIENCE? BECOME A FULL VIRTUAL SEASON SUBSCRIBER before July 19 and you’ll receive: 

    • An invitation to join a live online season preview event on July 20.
    • Access to observe four real-time online Conductors Workshop coaching sessions.
    • A printed copy of our 2021 Program Guide, mailed to your home. (Otherwise only available digitally.)

The 2021 Virtual Season website is your guide! Most programs are free and available with a click of the button on the schedule provided here. There are more helpful hints to maximize your viewing experience below. If you have further questions, feel free to Contact Us. We look forward to sharing the season with you!

Easy. Effortless. And fun! That’s the goal. We want everyone to experience the Cabrillo Festival magic, so spread the word, and mark your calendars now!


Nicholsons and Overend

Are you starting to socialize? Meet in small groups? Well, what better way to celebrate and enjoy the Cabrillo Festival season than to gather with friends to experience it together. Why not re-capture that sense of discovery alongside other Festival fans. Whether you start with a dinner party, order take-away, or end with a dessert gathering, we hope you’ll get creative and use this as an opportunity to make it a festive occasion. Over the Virtual Season there are four fabulous evenings and four great excuses to create some long-awaited musical and social adventures in the company of friends.

Starting in late July, Cabrillo Festival presents a series of online premieres and live events. Find the full 2021 Schedule here and join our mailing list for updates and event notifications! 

  • While we encourage you to join us at the appointed time, events will be accessible on-demand following each premiere. 
  • The Donors Concert on July 25 is invitation-only for Donors of $300+. Please consider donating now to receive your first-come, first-served invitation.
  • Most programs will be premiered at either 11am PDT or 7pm PDT, then will remain available to stream at your leisure. Just watch the countdown clock wind down til the premiere, then click the button to view.
  • Most of our programs include an opportunity to join live Q&As via easy web chat.
  • No—thanks to the generous support of foundations and individual donors, we’re committed to making our 2021 Virtual Season events free to the public.
  • The exception is our Donors Concert, which is free for donors of $300 or more. Donations at all levels are welcome, and vital in helping us continue our important work in shaping the future of music, and bringing communities together. Make your contribution at any time!
  • We are offering Virtual Season Subscriptions, for those who want to support our free programs and receive special access. Learn about all the perks of becoming a Virtual Season Subscriber here

Simple! If you’re not already receiving emails from us, sign up now. We will send updates and reminders, and you can always check the program page you’re interested in and watch that countdown clock tick down until the event premieres!

No special equipment is required! Our virtual season programs are designed to be viewable through any device: laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. (We do offer a few tips for the best quality experience, see next section below.) All concerts will stream right on this website and via YouTube, so the only equipment you need is a computer, a browser, and an internet connection, or a smart TV with the YouTube app. 

While you don’t need special equipment, there are a few things you can do that will help optimize your virtual season experience.

  • If you have options, choose to watch on the best-quality device you have
  • To minimize buffering and increase video quality, quit all other running programs on your device, turn off WIFI to other devices on your network, and dedicate your internet connection to us for the duration of the stream! You’ll be glad you did.  
  • For the best audio, you might want to invest in auxiliary speakers or a set of good quality headphones.
  • When watching a video, make your browser window as large as possible, and click the “enter full screen” icon at bottom right of the video player. 

YES! Your Smart TV or TV paired with a streaming device such as a computer or smartphone should be able to accommodate our streaming programs. Here are two options:

CASTING: Since our streaming is browser-based, you should be able to mirror your computer, tablet or smartphone to your Smart TV using Apple AirPlay, Roku, Google Chromecast or similar casting methods.

YOUTUBE: Go to the YouTube app on your Smart TV and search for Cabrillo Festival. All of our programs will be livestreamed to this YouTube channel—an easy way to watch on your Smart TV or any other device.

Don’t have a Smart TV? That’s OK! With an HDMI Cable you can connect your TV to your computer. Here’s a helpful Wikihow guide.

This is new for all of us. The Cabrillo Festival is doing everything we can to make this experience as easy, effortless, and fun as can be; but as we all know, technology can be a bear, and we are well aware that any of us may run into challenges along the way. As much as we all want to share this experience at the same moment together, as we always have, it’s possible that technical issues may prevent that. 

For this very reason, we have opted to leave our programs up online and available for you to stream, free of charge, at your leisure. We hope that news alleviates any concerns you may have about missing out!