2023 Community Poem: What Will We Find?

Introduction by Farnaz Fatemi, 2023 Cabrillo Festival Poet-In-Residence

It was a thrill and honor to serve as Poet-in-Residence for this year’s Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music. This privilege was capped by the chance to read through so many moving, resonant and vivid lines and phrases submitted by people connected to the Festival near and far. Although I did not finally use every submission, what is found in this collaborative poem is only language from the submissions, with minor alterations made in some cases for clarity or flow.

The result is truly a testimony to the curiosity and passion so many bring to this Festival each year. I hope What Will We Find? brings you as much delight reading and re-reading it as it brought me, listening for it. 

The PDF above is downloadable and printable as a gift to our community for making such beautiful art together. 

Note: Several community prompts asked for favorite memories of Festivals past. There are references to composer Lou Harrison and Cabrillo Festival’s 40+ years of concerts at Mission San Juan Bautista. To learn more visit our history page.

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