Free Family Concert: E Gol ! Program Note

The following note accompanies the August 4, 2019 Free Family Concert.

É Gol ! (2019) 
Clarice Assad (b. 1978)
World Premiere | Festival Commission

É Gol ! is inspired by female Brazilian soccer player Marta Vieira da Silva, who is often regarded as the best female footballer of all time.

The piece is scored for full orchestra and audience members who are not passive listeners but are part of the score as active participants. Audience members will be led in and out of sections by performing sound effects, singing, performing simple body percussion movements and other interesting textures that either match or contrast with the music played by the orchestra. The audience part, which is partly written and partly improvised, will be led by composer Clarice Assad. The work explores moments of Vieira da Silva’s life, culminating with a soccer match soundtrack finale.

—Clarice Assad

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