Church Street Fair

Sat 8.2 & Sun 8.3 | 11am – 8pm

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On Church Street outside the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

Saturday and Sunday, August 2nd and 3rd see the return of Cabrillo Festival’s popular Church Street Fair – a festival of music, art & wine. Celebrating its 23rd year, the two-day “festival within the Festival” offers an inspiring reflection of the arts in Santa Cruz. The weekend bursts with non-stop world and ethnic music and dance on the outdoor Church Street Stage, and dozens of premier artists and craftspeople selling their treasures all along Church Street in front of the Civic Auditorium.

Never is the spirit of Santa Cruz more alive than on the Church Street Stage when the spotlight is focused on Santa Cruz’s exceptional musicians. Audiences will travel the globe with musical voices from Mexico to Ireland, Africa to Cuba, and dance traditions from the Middle Eastern to European classical ballet, American urban styles. Some groups make their Church Street Stage debut, and many are old favorites returning for the fun.

You’ll have lots of tasty local treats to choose from, including mobile gourmet vendors Cruz’n Gourmet and Low n’ Slow, scoops from the Penny Ice Creamery, and wine tasting with Vinocruz.

To learn more about the wonderful musicians, artists and vendors involved in the Church Street Fair, check out our Tumblr blog, and check out even more content on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

newcivic-webHosted by KUSP programmer Brett Taylor, the Church Street Fair is a collaboration between the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music and the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.


11:15  The Great Morgani
12:15  Samba Cruz Quartet
1:15  Shakti Bhakti Ensemble
2:15  Rebecca Lomnicky & David Brewer
3:30  Diaspora Dance Company
4:15  Pacific Voices
5:15  Desert Dream Music & Dance
6:30  The Mosaic Quartet

11:15  Jesse Autumn & Shelley Phillips Harp Duo
12:15  Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre
1:00  Free Family Concert
2:30  Watsonville Taiko
3:30  Xochipilli Compañia Danza De Mexico
4:15  On The Spot Trio
5:15  Kat Parra Latin World Ensemble
6:30  AZA

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The Cabrillo Festival’s “Creativity Tent for Kids” offers two full days of free hands-on music and art workshops under a big canopy canopy in the gardens of the Santa Cruz City Hall, Saturday and Sunday, August 2nd and 3rd, 11am-5pm!

The Creativity Tent is just one of the exciting components of children’s activities at the Festival; others include our innovative Free Family Concert and free family performances on the Church Street Stage! All workshops are free; children and their families can stay as long as they like and enjoy!

Music Together Family Music Workshop

Sing, dance, play instruments and have fun making Music Together! All ages will have the chance to be playful and engage with each other through music and dance. This is the ultimate in family music-making fun! (

Drawing and Painting – Carmen Leon

This workshop involves drawing with oil pastels, then painting lightly with watercolors, unveiling the delightfully unexpected aspects of this mixed-media “resist” method. Carmen combines gentle guidance and inspiration from nature to encourage free expression and exploration of the physics of her technique.

Printmaking – Jennifer Cordery
Using a sheet of Styrofam and a pencil, here’s a quick and simple way of making prints with great results. After the pencil drawing is pressed into the foam, colored printing inks are rolled over with a brayer. The drawing is then transferred onto a piece of paper, and can be repeated in various colors.

Didgeridoo Making – Kathy Pearson
Surrounded by inspiring samples of Australian Aboriginal art and music, children will decorate their own didgeridoos, using paint and oil pastels. Drawing ideas will be taken from examples of Aboriginal dream-time designs and young people will walk away with a beautiful playable instrument.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 3 | MORNING WORKSHOP (11:00am – 1:00pm)
Monoprint Birds – Susana Terrell
Using precut models, children will decorate birds by decorating their wings with monoprints. Working with poster paint and exploring color, brush stroke, and design, they will add features to the birds with markers, finishing them with a holding stick and ribbon streamer. Young artists will be proud to bring their creations into the 1pm Free Family Concert, The Conference of the Birds!

Exotic Bird Masks – Fiona & Lauren
Children can practice their scissor skills when cutting around a pre-printed paper bird mask. Then imaginations will take flight as they decorate their creations with pastel and mixed-media collage!

Mixed Media Owls – Claudia Stevens
Inspired by reference material of Persian owls, and the music they’ve just heard in the Free Family Concert, children will form the basic shapes (circle, oval, upside down triangle) for the owl’s body and facial features. Next, they’ll use pastels, watercolor pencils and tempera paint to build color and repeated pattern, capturing some of the feather textures. Lastly, they’ll put the bird into a nocturnal environment with the flicking of stars. Participants learn about line, texture, pattern, and design, as well as owl habitat.

Music-Themed Acrylic Stencil Paintings – Emma Garcia
First kids will paint their entire paper, using an array of colors in an abstract form, and then be assisted in stenciling patterns and/or musical imagery over their artwork. The result will be a complex work of art in a highly contemporary style!

Dreamcatchers – Kyle Morris
Dreamcatchers are not only beautiful objects, they are also said to promote good rest and happy dreams! Wooden or brass rings are wrapped in leather and a hoop is made at the top of the circle, then a simple knot is tied over and over again to create a net. Then leather tassels, feathers and beads are added to complete a lovely and powerful Dreamcatcher.