Cabrillo Festival Orchestra

Winner of the League of American Orchestra and ASCAP’s 2008-2009 John S. Edwards Award for Strongest Commitment to New American Music, and winner of their Award for Adventurous Programming of Contemporary Music for 32 consecutive years (1982-2013).

Cabrillo has emerged as the western states’ leading orchestra devoted to modern symphonic repertory in the twenty-first century. The Festival’s core performance group is an ensemble of sixty-eight professional musicians who join Maestra Alsop each year in award-winning programming of contemporary music. These musicians come to Santa Cruz from all over the world, often foregoing more lucrative engagements in order to volunteer their professional services in favor of the stimulation and challenge of the Cabrillo programs. Each is a new music advocate in their own right. For over 50 years, they have earned Cabrillo an uncompromised and prestigious reputation as America’s preeminent contemporary music festival. We invite you to join us in thanking each member of the orchestra for their generosity and dedication, and for the greatness of their spirit.

Below is a listing of all Tenured/Provisional Orchestra players. *Substitute or Extra players are indicated as such.
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Violin I

Justin Bruns, Concertmaster, Atlanta GA
Maximillian Haft, Sacramento CA
Rebecca Jackson, Santa Cruz CA
Robyn Julyan, Denver CO
Rita Lee, San Francisco CA
Matthew Means, Hays KS
Andrea Oey, Oakland CA *sub
Sarah Shellman, Tampa FL
Carol Swift-Matton, Albuquerque NM
Benjamin Tomkins, Denver CO

Violin II

Matt Albert, Principal, Dallas TX
Anne Chandra, Assistant Principal, Sarasota FL
Louise Alexander, Indianapolis IN
Lauren Avery, Oakland CA
Susan French, Long Island City NY
Andrew McCann, Chicago IL
Rob Simonds, Indianapolis IN
Charmian Stewart, San Anselmo CA


Sam Bergman, Principal, Minneapolis MN
Jessica Oudin, Assistant Principal, Atlanta GA
Eleanor Angel, Los Gatos CA
Chad Kaltinger, Capitola CA
Mary Jane Miller, Grand Rapids MI
Rebekah Newman, Baltimore MD


Jennifer Humphreys, Co-Principal, Atlanta GA
Brad Ritchie, Co-Principal, Atlanta GA
Kathleen Balfe, Granada, Spain
David Gerstein, Little Rock AR *sub
Virginia Kron, Ojai CA
Kristin Ostling, Baltimore MD


Thomas Derthick, Principal, Sacramento CA
Thomas Harte, Los Angeles CA *LOA
Todd Lockwood, Jacksonville FL
Joseph McFadden, Atlanta GA *sub
Terry Pruitt, Albuquerque NM



Tim Munro, Principal, Chicago IL
Betsy Hudson Traba, Sarasota FL
Kristen Halay, Eugene OR
Sally Horak Hundemer, Shreveport LA *extra


Karen Wagner, Principal, Portland OR
Alexander Miller, Grand Rapids MI
Paula Engerer, Phoenix AZ


Bharat Chandra, Principal, Sarasota FL
John R. Schertle, Hong Kong
Michael Maccaferri, Chicago IL
Laura Stephenson, Sarasota FL *extra


Evan Kuhlmann, Principal, Portland OR
Adam Trussell, Portland OR
Steve Vacchi, Eugene OR



David Henderson, San Francisco CA *extra


Clark Welsh, San Francisco CA *extra


Kristin Jurkscheit, Principal, Baltimore MD
Gavin Reed, Assistant Principal, Houston TX
Fritz Foss, Chicago IL
Thomas Hundemer, Shreveport LA
Nicky Roosevelt, Berkeley CA


Craig Morris, Principal, Coral Gables FL
Philippe Brunet, Bowie MD *sub
Lauren Eberhart, San Antonio TX
Andrew Gignac, San Antonio TX


Ava Ordman, Principal, Lansing MI
Dan Mattson, Grand Rapids MI
Robert K. Ward, Grand Rapids MI


Forrest Byram, Principal, San Francisco CA



Steve Hearn, Principal, Castle Rock CO


Galen Lemmon, Principal, San Jose CA
Jim Kassis, Sunnyvale CA
Ward Spangler, Oakland CA
Svet Stoyanov, Hallandale FL


Nuiko Wadden, Principal, Brooklyn NY


Jay Stebley, San Francisco CA *extra


Emily Wong, Principal, Yorktown Heights NY
Michael Sheppard, Baltimore MD *extra
Alex Wasserman, Atlanta GA *extra

Electric Guitar

D.J.Sparr, Lubbock TX *extra

Assistant Conductor

Alexandra Arrieche

Orchestra Manager

Erik Finley, Atlanta GA


Ella M. Fredrickson, St. Petersburg FL



Orchestra photo at top by Bruce Frye